This book will teach you how to understand your child, 
connect with them and build a strong and good relationship

This book will teach you How to understand your child, connect with them and build a strong and good relationship.

Have you ever done the opposite of what you intended to do? 

Have you afterwards wondered why you did that, or why you got angry or irritated? 
Learn Why You Do So And How To Change It.

  • Receive the short and easy to apply course on how to create the ultimate blueprint for you as a mother. 
  • ​Unlock the power of your conscious choice on how to be the best mother you can be in order to be happy and fulfilled.
  • ​Get instant access to the course and workbook in minutes

Receive the course on how to create your ultimate parenting blueprint. 

Unlock The Power Of Your Blueprint

Become Happier And More Fulfilled As A Mother.

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Unlock your full potential by creating your blueprint becoming a woman who knows how to control herself.

Do you sometimes get overwhelmed by the thought of raising your child. 
Are you frustrated or irritated and acting a way you don't want to act?
Maybe you feel frustrated and worried that you don't do it the right way? 
Or maybe you get irritated at your child more than you like?
Then this course will get you on the right path.  


More happiness

Imagine that you are happy and fulfilled.
When you take responsibility for your own life and you change your blueprint based on your values and strengths, life as you know it will change. 
You will be proud of yourself, and you will feel happier. 


Better relationship

Think about how it feels to have a deep and loving connection with your child, where you both love and respect each other.
Imagine looking back at your life knowing that you did a great job in raising your child, and that you invested in that.


More energy

It feels so good to have enough energy to love life, have fun and laugh.
Imagine coming home from work, spending time with your child, doing what's needed in the house and still have energy to do things you love to do when your child's gone to bed.


More confidence 

Being confident is so important. Feeling confident will give you energy and courage to be the woman you have always dreamt of being.
Creating a blueprint that serves you and which you have chosen is crucial in order to feel confident and fulfilled. 

Become a confident woman 
which you respect and love. 

Get access to it today and become stronger,  
happier and more fulfilled. 

Quick and easy way to begin on 
the path to get the life you want. 

Start Today And You Will Immediately...

1. Get the tools to change your life, becoming more in control and confident.

2. Get a better understanding of why you parent the way you do

3. Get a better relationship with your child.

I'm so happy to see that women all over the world are able to change how they behave.

Meet Anne Aksnes

Creator of the Mothers Blueprint Course, 
a key to fulfilment and happiness

Hi. I'm so glad you're here on this page!
My name is Anne, I'm 43 years old, the happy mother of Julia, Maria and Kristian 
and we’re living in Norway. 

When my children were young, I sometimes felt very confused and a 
little lost in raising them. 
I could get annoyed and strict without really having a 
reason to, and sometimes I felt very tired
I could get frustrated, and I sometimes 
thought I was not a good enough mother
Before I had children, I had decided that 
there were some things my parents had done that I should 
not do. But when things got tough and I was stressed, 
I did it anyway. Eventually, I realised more about why I did it, 
and I learned ways to change it.

Today I am happy, calm and have more energy than before, 
and that is because I changed my blueprint for how I should 
be a good mother and what it means.
This course will show you the same thing.
I look forward to hearing your story.

What You Will Get?

1 - Video

The course starts out with a video where I share the most important 
parts of this topic.
I'll give you examples from my own life on how this have helped me tremendously in getting a life I love where being a mother is easy and fulfilling. 

2 - Audios

In addition to the video there are several audios going into depth on the topic.
Some of the audios are recommended that you listen too regardless, and others are for those who wants to go even deeper into the material.
Regardless of what you choose to do, this material will help you become more happy and fulfilled. 

3 - Workbook

You will also get access to a workbook with text, pictures and illustrations which you can download.
This is a great tool for you when you watch the video and listen to the audios as you can take notes and look at images which will make the points even clearer. 

4 - Exclusive Podcasts

As a bonus to you I have added two podcasts with great content. 

It's one exclusive Podcast with Michael B. Mathews
and one exclusive Podcast with Shiney Unsal

5 - 10 keys to better communication PDF

You will also get a PDF with 10 keys to better communication between you and your child (and others as well).
These keys have helped many mothers in improving their relationship with their child, reduce fighting and backbiting and made ir easier to be a mother.

Facebook group

There's a facebook - group where you can meet other likeminded mothers whom are also on the path to a happier and more fulfilled life. 
I will be part of that group, reading your posts and commenting when I have the time to do so. 

Quick and easy to use!

Applying what you learn will bring 
changes immediately.

The course is easy to understand and relevant for both you and your child. 
Whatever situation you're in, this course will help you gain more happiness.
You will also feel more free, since you're in charge of your life and your emotions.
This will lead to more energy and you feeling more fulfilled. 
Understanding what's going on and why is the first step to a better life. 

Receive The Create Your Blueprint Course Today And Start Creating Your Own Future.

Get access to it today and get more happiness and fulfilment. 

You do have to listen to it, do the tasks and apply what you 
learn in order to reap the full benefits. 

Quick and easy way to start getting the life you want. 

Choose to invest in yourself and your family!

Here's what parents are saying...

"I would recommend Anne to any parent, mother or father who wants to create a loving environment in their families. I truly believe that her expertise would bring a huge advantage to anyone working with her."

"I've known Anne both personally and professionally. Anne is very knowledgeable and passionate about helping other parents to have better relationships and communication with their children. I don't have my own kids but THANKS to Anne I now communicate better with my nieces and nephews!
"I couldn’t help but feel that I was in a very safe and warm place when Anne was talking. I just felt that I was in the right place at the right time with the right person and I just want to say that you can trust Anne completely. 
She knows what she’s doing, she is absolutely fantastic and an amazing human being. You can't go wrong."

"Anne walks her talk. She knows what she is talking about, and she will meet you where you are at"

"Are you looking for a leader that can make your life far, far better than it is today? I have had the good fortune of learning with Anne, training with her and I can tell you that she is a leader with heart and when she says something she means it. And the fact that you’ve reached this far means that your life is about to change. So take this moment, step up and follow her, because your life is really going to change for the better."

And You Will Also Get My Book For FREE

How to understand your child

- a key to balance in parenting

This short E - book covers one of the most life transforming lessons I've ever learned when it comes to raising a child.
It completely changed the way I did things, and I know it will truly benefit you as well. 

Get the Create Your Blueprint Course before the offer is gone!

Get access to it today and start changing yourself - so that you get the life you deserve. 

Quick and easy way to start getting the life you want. 

You do have to listen to it, do the tasks and apply what you 
learn in order to reap the full benefits. 
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