ABOUT Anne aksnes

My children are the most important thing in my life... 

I remember when I first became a parent back in 1998. This overwhelming love for another human being, unlike anything I’d ever felt before. 

And also the fears and the burden of the responsibility for this innocent, helpless beautiful little human that would be forever connected to me!

I was searching for answers to good parenting, what my baby really needed and I got exposed to so many different theories and opinions along the way.

I have tried almost all sorts of parenting styles, from discipline and time outs to hardly any rules at all, and I can remember the frustration and stress I felt when I didn’t accomplish what the experts said I would if I used their “method”. 

What they all forgot to tell me, was that no child is the same! 

And we as parents are different. Heck, I was different depending on what was going on around me and how I felt, and still I was expected to be this perfect parent. 

I couldn’t measure up, and eventually I hit rock bottom…

I had to find a solution. 

I started studying and testing different theories. Evaluating my own children, but also the children in the kindergarten where I was working.

I talked to experts in different fields. I studied children’s development, psychology, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing), neuroplasticity, leadership, communication and parenting styles, and I discovered what was working on ALL CHILDREN.

Through this I was able to raise my three children to become amazing human beings. Full of happiness and love towards themselves and others, and with the ability to live the life they love, while I also remained their mother and also their best friend. 

And that is the best feeling in the world. 

To look at my children, and know that I did it, that I was able to give them what they needed, and to raise them as individuals with different personalities, gifts and talents!

Now, I’m ready to share this experience with you.
Anne Aksnes is the founder and CEO of Aksnes Invest AS, and the brand “Anne Aksnes”. She is a Norwegian teacher, writer, coach and public speaker.

She is also the director for Global Woman Club Oslo, a club with a vision of empowering women all over the world!

Anne is the happy mother of three children, and she has also been working with children and parents for over 20 years. Anne is a kindergarten teacher with a Bachelor degree from the University in Agder, and she has been working in kindergartens as a leader of departments for more than twelve years. She has gone through trainings and courses on communication, leadership, how to help children and teens deal with trauma, children development, parenting styles and more.

She has also studied psychology, and some neuroplasticity and NLP.

Today she has one mission. End suffering amongst all children, all over the world.
She has devoted her life to improve the lives of children and parents.



Many years ago I held a beautiful little baby girl in my arms.
She was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen, and I knew that my life would never be the same again. 
Over the next months I realised that I didn't have a clue on how to raise her, and I decided to become the best mother I could be for her.
And that's how my journey started.

Over the years I have gotten a lot of education and practice, and I have found my mission and passion in life.
I love to help mothers become the best version of themselves, and I love to see them have joy, happiness, energy and peace in their lives and with their children. 
My vision is to end sufFering amongst all the children in the world, and I'm doing so by sharing of my love, knowledge and experience.

Wether you are young or old, new at being aa mother or with years of experience, I would love to be a companion and to walk beside you on this amazing journey called motherhood. 
Check out "MEDIA", and see how you can connect with me.

Remember that you are amazing and loved, and that you are the best mother for your child.
Love yourself and take care of yourself, and your child will benefit from that.
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